MODD Prefabricated Building

Aryol Prefabricated Construction Industry Trading Corporation has been founded in Ankara, Turkey, in 1984, serving more than 5000 customers which fabricates; light steel buildings, verious prefabricated buildings, worksite buildings, prefabricated houses and steel hangars. Located in: Ankara headquarters, İstanbul and İzmir regional offices. Aryol Prefab, with a wide product range, included newest designs to their production while prioritizing durability and cost criterias. Has improved panel and frame systems to provide little wastage while reassembling buildings. Today, our prefab buildings are sent all over the world including 60 countries. Our company which continues its activity as management and manufacturing in Ankara, Turkey, offers instant delivery with various types of prefabricated panel worksite buildings, offices, dining rooms, dormitories, wc-shower buildings, prefabricated houses, steel hangars and warehouses, Modd Panel and Light Steel constructions with more features and different price options. Our prefabricated structures always feature affordability and quality. Construction, health, defense, education and housing sectors, By continuously performing product developments and improvements on prefabricated buildings Aryol produces prefabricated buildings for construction, health, defense, education and housing sectors. Static calculations and floor plans of the prefabricated structures are carried out by the design and research-development group in our corporation. In addition to our standard prefabricated projects, projects are also created by our engineers in the direction of customers' wishes and applications which can be delivered on turnkey basis. Since 90% of the production of prefabricated buildings is completed within the factory in a controlled way, heat and sound insulation is perfect and can be installed in a much shorter time (30-50%) than conventional reinforced concrete buildings even in areas where seasonal conditions are not suitable. The prefabricated structures produced using modern technology are modular and therefore take up little space in transit and are easy to transport. Moreover, these prefabricated buildings can be used many times as they can be changed modularly and without wastage. If you want to make changes in floor plans, you can make a plan change by requesting additional prefabric building material from our company. These prefabricated structures are 95% recyclable according to classical buildings. All of our prefabricated building productions are delivered from stock, and our guarantees are 2 years against manufacturing faults.




In our prefabricated constructions, maintaining low price - high quality balance, with least wastage while producing our buildings.

To increase exports and provide customer satisfaction and needs at the highest level with our renewed designs which already exports to about 60 countries.


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