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07.04.2016 - New Aryol Prefabricated Blog

You can watch current news from Prefabric World in our new blog.

Aryol Prefabrik Blog

24.03.2016 - The Great Success of our Textile Group

Our Aryol Prefabricated Textile Group is continuing to grow exports to 42 countries, mainly in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

01.01.2014 - Target Growth

Our Company has been converted into a joint stock company with the same partners as of 01.01.2014.

12.08.2013 - Prefabricated Buildings with Textiles

In August 2013, our company started to work on Research and Development for prefabricated structures containing textiles.

26.11.2012 - Business Chanel Interview

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12.10.2012 - We Started to Produce Light Steel Structures

We started production of light steel non-welded construction technology steel villa, school, social facility, show room, apartment buildings with New Zealand based computerized CNC Roll Form Machine.

12.11.2011 - We Doubled our Production Capacity

Our production capacity with CNC 4 axis machines entering our system has been 20.000m2 / month in Panel Buildings and 12.000m2 / month in Hangars.

01.12.2010 - New Video on Youtube

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06.05.2010 - Construction and Investment Magazine

Aryol: "In 2010 Turkey's economy and prefabricated market will grow at least 5%."
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29.04.2010 - If you have land, you'll have a house in a week for 8000TL

Aryol operates in prefabricated, prefabricated houses, all kinds of building site buildings, office buildings, hangar buildings, show room buildings. In addition, the new product Modd Panel also produces aesthetic villa-type structures.
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15.04.2010 - Our Website is Renewed

Our web design work has been renewed. Now our products will be available with a much more accessible interface.

01.03.2010 - % 25 Off

Our building prices were down 25%. Our Cost Account Systems can be updated with the latest software to calculate the cost calculations precisely so that the costs can be calculated in the smallest detail and reduced by 25%.

23.02.2010 - Istanbul Regional Office celebrates its 3rd year

Aryol Prefabricated Istanbul Regional Office, which increased its export rates by 40% together with its opening, also accelerated its work during the crisis period.


In our prefabricated constructions, maintaining low price - high quality balance, with least wastage while producing our buildings.

To increase exports and provide customer satisfaction and needs at the highest level with our renewed designs which already exports to about 60 countries.


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